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Advocacy Action Alert: Budget Advocacy Call-In Day 2015!


Today is Budget Advocacy Call-In Day!  Please call your legislators today, and push for end of session acts to be passed. Your advocacy is crucial for housing for low-income/homeless throughout WA State!

Call in instructions from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance are below ( :

“Here is the number to call: (800) 562-6000. The legislative hotline is open from 8:00am to 8:00pm.  So don’t wait to call!

Here are the steps:

  • When the operator picks up, please tell them you’d like to leave a message for all three of your elected officials.  
  • Give them your name and home address (so they can send your advocacy message to the correct legislators).  
  • When prompted for your message to legislators, use this script for all three.  [NOTE: Feel free to change the text so it is in your own words and/or change the order of the sentences.]
  • Please ensure the final budgets passed by the legislature match the House’s proposed operating and capital budgets.
  • Please ensure the final budget raises new revenue and invests at least $110 million in affordable housing.
  •  Please also fund the Medicaid permanent supportive housing services benefit.  
  • Thank you for protecting vital safety net programs like HEN, ABD, and SSI Facilitation.  The operator will also ask if you want a copy of this message sent to the Governor. We recommend saying yes.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can call your three legislators one-by-one to deliver a personal advocacy message containing the basic top line messages above.”


Help Pass Crucial Tenant Rights Bills by Calling Your Legislators by March 11th!

Four crucial bills are going through the WA State House of Representatives and Senate now that protect tenant rights.

These include:

1.  Fair Tenant Screening Act (SB 5123/HB 1257)

2.  The Truth in Evictions Reporting Act (SB 5376/HB 1460)

3.  Bill that prevents renter discrimination based on renter’s income sources (SB 5378/HB 1565)

4.  A 90 day Notice Bill for renters facing significant rent increases.  This avoids forced displacement. (SB 5377/HB 2051)

Find your legislative district here:


PLEASE CALL TODAY BY MARCH 11TH!  Your support and action helps thousands of renters!

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