Help Pass Crucial Tenant Rights Bills by Calling Your Legislators by March 11th!

Four crucial bills are going through the WA State House of Representatives and Senate now that protect tenant rights.

These include:

1.  Fair Tenant Screening Act (SB 5123/HB 1257)

2.  The Truth in Evictions Reporting Act (SB 5376/HB 1460)

3.  Bill that prevents renter discrimination based on renter’s income sources (SB 5378/HB 1565)

4.  A 90 day Notice Bill for renters facing significant rent increases.  This avoids forced displacement. (SB 5377/HB 2051)

Find your legislative district here:


PLEASE CALL TODAY BY MARCH 11TH!  Your support and action helps thousands of renters!

For more information, visit

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