Month: October 2014

Welcome To Housing For Seattle!

Hi, my name is Julia K. I am the founder and creator of Housing For Seattle, a site dedicated to promotion of advocacy, awareness, and affordable housing options for Seattle, and more broadly, Washington State residents.

I’m an ordinary citizen, housing advocate, and lifelong resident of Seattle. I’m a firm believer one person can make a difference and share their passion. I believe in social/economic justice, housing advocacy at all levels, ending homelessness, strong public transportation, smart public administration, and shaping public policy for positive outcomes in communities served.

This site will encompass affordable housing in Seattle, city/county/state input and response, housing and homelessness, and more. The long term aim is to make this a strong resource for housing education/advocacy, and issues facing low income and homeless residents. It will also pose healthy debate about Seattle’s housing crisis and positive outcomes for the community.

I am ALWAYS looking for contributors to this blog. If interested, please message me.

Thanks for visiting.  Great things are to come!